Combined Psychic Reading & Healing via Phone $180aud

This is the Best option if your looking for help as its combines a Psychic Reading and Healing in one session which is between 1hr - 1.5hrs .

 Your session includes :

Energy Clearing - to clear your energy body from blockages 

Spirit Releasment - to release you from any Attachments and Negative Energies

Energy Healing - to infuse you with Divine Healing Energy to reboot and Re Energize your being.

Karmic Release - to clear Karmic and other blockages and great difficulties in your life

Psychic Reading - with guidance in helping you move forward

Distance Healing $120aud

This option is a cost effective way to either receive healing or send healing to others, this is done over a 7 night period and does not include a reading .

E-Mail Reading $99

This option is a cost effective way to receive guidance via e-mail within 24hrs 

You can ask 3 specific questions 

Alchemy E-Mail Reading $88

This option was given as a channeled message to Andrew  from the Angels to help those of you who want Specific guidance around creating Alchemy and channeled Guidance from the Divine. This would be a great tailored reading for those who are beginning their journey and wanting to know where to start. 

In your reading that will be E-Mailed to you , Andrew will channel with the aid of Sacred Oracle cards 

* 3 Divinities , e.g Archangels , Light Beings , Gods/Goddesses who are wanting to connect with you  and how they can help you and their specific messages for you regarding your situations 

* 3 crystals to assist you with your situations via meditation and their benefits and meanings 

* 3 Essential Oils to help you with your situation and their uses  and meanings 

* Short Numerology reading explaining you life path and personal year focus

* Date of Birth is required for numerology *

Photos of cards will be in your email reading

** Payment is required prior to your Appointment**

24hrs Notice is Required for changes 

Make your payment , then contact me for your reading type and booking time / dates

Paypal - follow the link below and pay via my email address adeappolonia@yahoo.com 

Bank Transfer - contact me for those details