About ME ...

Where it all Began

Hello and Welcome ...

I have been very Blessed throughout my life from a young age to have prayer and spirituality as a backbone to keep me safe and sane , it has given me many answers during difficult periods and i am so grateful.  

I have visited many Sacred places around the globe which have strengthened my faith and enhanced my Abilities through receiving attunments as a Psychic, Healer , Medium and Spiritual Teacher, some being:

Greece - to Visit the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos , where Virgin Mary's energy is very strong as well as many Saints, They have have appeared to me throughout different times in my life.

Egypt - to connect to the Powerful healing energies of Goddess Auset & Sekhmet and beings of Light where i received Ausets Blue energy and the Sirian White Light download on my journey,

Singapore - to connect with Goddess Kuan Yins Violet Energy of Compassion after she appeared to me in a dream prior to my visit. 

Brazil - to receive guidance and healing through the Amazing Spirit Doctors from Casa Dom Ignacio who have appeared to me various times and have not only helped me , but many of my Clients.

Bali - to Connect to the Hindu Deities Goddess Sarasvati , Lord Ganesh and many Others  

I have been Blessed to have many special experiences with Angels, Saints and beings of light which still continue, i have been assured that they will always help me , help my clients through readings and healing's and the Guidance and Prayers i offer. 

I have made it my mission to always help those who come to me for guidance no matter what. 

let fear go ,,, open your heart,,, trust all is well ...  and will be well  

I look forward to helping you on your journey in this life .

Sending you Blessings through Hamied The Archangel Of Miracles